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Valencia Weather

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Weather in Valencia

Because it is close to the sea Valencia has a moderate climate with summer temperatures usually cooler than those further inland and winter nights staying relatively warm. Although because of its proximity to the coast it can get very windy.

If you are planning on doing some sightseeing then it is best to avoid the hot summer months of July and August as it can get very sticky and uncomfortable walking around.

The average annual temperature is 17.9ºC with rising to about 22.4ºC during the day and going down to 13.5ºC later in the day. This compares with a daily average high of 12.9ºC and low of 6.2ºC in England.

Winter weather in Valencia can bring chilly mornings and a light frost might fall some nights. It can also be quite cloudy in the mornings with the temperature change overnight, but once the sun rises it tends to burn it off and clear the sky.

The average daily high for the winter months is 16.8ºC with the UK averaging a very cold 6.2ºC.

Valencia Climate

On average less than one day a week here is wet, and even during the winter Valencia still receives an average of between 5 or 6 hours of sunshine a day, rising to over 9 hours between April and September.

The weather pattern here is very stable, and because it is near to the Mediterranean Sea the sunny weather which prevails most of the time makes it much easier to plan outdoor events like picnics and barbeques.


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