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Tenerife has a very temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers making it an all year round holiday destinations. But remember that the hot months are October, November and December.

Temperatures can vary considerably depending on where you are staying on the island with the warmest weather on the south and west sides of the island. For this reason Tenerife South Airport is far more popular with tourists and handles the most passengers, with Tenerife North Airport used mainly for domestic and island hopping flights.

As you get nearer to the famous El Teide there can be cold winds and snow for up to three months but you can still enjoy a swim or lie on a beach which is just an hour's drive away. Certainly both times I have ventured up the volcano it has been very windy and very cold (even though there are bright blue cloudless skies) when i got to the top.

Tenerife has the lowest temperature differential between summer and winter than anywhere else in the world. There no real rainy season and don't be afraid of the heat as fans usually provide enough air movement to stay cool in the summer without the need to switch on the air conditioning.

Because it is not uncomfortably hot, the island is a very popular destination for golfers all year round.

Temperature Chart

°C Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Max 21 21 23 22 23 25 27 28 27 26 23 22
Min 15 15 16 16 16 18 20 21 21 20 18 17


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