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Bars & Cafes

Most of the bars and cafes are in the departures hall with all the shops which you reach after checking in clearing security. Cafe Ritazza is the only place in the public area and is a good place to arrange to meet someone if they are picking you up as it is just outside the arrivals hall doors into the waiting zone.

As you can see from the list below, there is a fair choice of places raging from the Bill Bentley and Carlsberg Bars to Burger King for you to get some refreshments while you are waiting for your flight to be called.

if you are planning to have something to eat before you board the plane make sure that you save a few euros as airport food is not cheap with cans of drink roughly double the high street price and sandwiches and baguettes starting at about €6,00. Upper Crust is probably the best bet offering a good range of fillings.

A lot of people I know with families who are travelling on a budget take their own sandwiches to eat on the plane.

Where to get something to eat and drink

Bill Bentley Bar Passenger zone
Burger King Fast food Passenger Zone
Burger King Express Even faster food but no seating Passenger Zone
Cafe Ritazza Cafe Passenger Arrivals and Departures Zones
Cafe Select Cafe Passenger zone
Carlsberg Bar Passenger zone
Grill & More Self service snacks, platters and grill. Passenger Zone
Ibense Bornay Cafe/Ice Cream Passenger zone
Mamma Leone's Pizzas, garlic bread, mushrooms in batter, etc. Passenger Zone
To Go Bar Passenger zone
Upper Crust Freshly filled baguettes Passenger Zone


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