Car Hire at Tenerife Airport

Car hire

Car Hire

There are many companies offering car hire on Tenerife but in our experience it is better to pre-book your car for collection at the airport as it saves time and cuts down on transfer costs. Then you can pick up your vehicle and be on your way without waiting for a bus or a taxi.

Finding your way around Tenerife is pretty easy. With a total area of just 2,034 km² if you were to drive from one end of the island to the other (Las Galletas to Punta del Higado) it would take you just over 1 hour 30 minutes to do the 95 km journey.

Also if you are travelling with your family having your own wheels means you don't have to queue for a bus (under the hot sun) with hot and impatient children while carrying all the beach gear, inflatables, towels, etc.

Just think of the difference of travelling in an air conditioned car with your own timetable and a boot to throw everything in.

Driving in Tenerife

If you are renting a car, I thought it might be helpful to give you some basic information when driving on Tenerife as they do have a couple of local idiosyncracies compared to the rest of Spain:

  • If there is a forward pointing arrow on the road you have right of way. If there is an inverted triangle you must give way.
  • If you're behind a car and it indicates to turn left when there is no left turn in sight, it means that the driver is stopping to allow someone to cross or for a car to pull out.
  • Sunday outings are very popular with the locals making it one of the busiest days on the road. You might well find yourself in the middle of a cycling tour or car rally so be prepared be be patient and take your time.
  • The type of road you are travelling on sets the speed limit. With the motorways varying from 110-120 kph. The main roads are 90 kph but it varies from 40 kph to 60 kph in cities and towns. Make sure you always check speed restrictions are usually clearly marked.
  • There is free street parking in the main resorts, as well as reasonably priced car parks undergound (which are a much cooler option during the summer months). Do not park on yellow or white lines as it is not allowed and blue lines are in restricted parking zones and you have to pay. Fines are heavy if you abuse the parking rules.


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Driving Distances on Tenerife

Below are driving distances and times from Tenerife South Airport to some of the most popular resorts on the island:

Los Cristianos 18km (20 minutes)
Costa Adeje 55km /1 hour 20 minutes)
El Medano 8km (12 minutes)
Playa de las Americas 16km (15 minutes)
San Isidro 6km (9 minutes)
Santa Cruz deTenerife 63km (50 minutes)
Tenerife North Los Rodeos Airport 66km (55 minutes)


Car Hire Firms

AutoReisen at Tenerife Airport

Top Car Auto Reisen
Ground Floor, 38610, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife.

Telephone: 0034 922 260 200

Website: www.top-car-hire.com

Avis car hire at Tenerife Airport

Ground Floor, 38610, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife.

Telephone: 0034 922 392 056

Website: www.avis-europe.com

Europcar at Tenerife Airport

Reina Sofia Airport
38610 Tenerife

Tel: +34 902105055
Fax: +34 913444959

Website: www.europcar.com

Goldcar at Tenerife Airport

Arrivals Terminal,
Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport

Tel: +34 965 23 31 84

Website: www.goldcar.es

Hertz Rent a Car at Tenerife Airport

Local 1, Granadilla de Abona
Canary Islands 38610

Telephone: 0034 92 759 319
Fax: 0034 92 759 059

Website: www.hertz.com.

Record car hire at Tenerife Airport

Ground Floor, 38610, Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife.

Telephone: 0034 922 759 717

Fax: 0034 922 759 767

Website: www.recordrentacar.com

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