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Gibraltar Airport is operated by the British RAF and only a few civilian flights are handled there.

Having said that investment has recently been made with a new modern terminal building and the number of airlines and flights on the increase.

Monarch Airlines operate flights from London Luton, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester: easyJet flys from London Gatwick and Bristol and you can fly from London Heathrow with British Airways. The frequency of flights increases during the high season months from July-September.

If you cannot get to Gibraltar from your local UK airport the alternative is to fly into Malaga Costa del Sol and then get a bus from the terminal in Malaga (which you can reach by bus or train from the airport) which runs along the Costa del Sol coastline to La Linea which is the Spanish town on the border.

You can then walk across the border and into Gibraltar (but remember you need your passport).

The benefits this airport offers above the nearer Spanish airports is that it is much less busy and and the landing and check in process tends to be pretty speedy. On the minus side it can get fog bound in the winter months (caused by the Mediterranean Sea meeting the cooler Atlantic Ocean) and your flight can be diverted to Malaga.


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