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You can get an hourly forecast for the weather in Alicante today or look at the next 5 or 10 days by clicking on the link below.

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Guide to the Weather

Because Alicante is situated in the south eastern corner of mainland Spain on the strip of coast known as the Costa Blanca, the climate tends to be a bit cooler (but not much) than the Costa  del Sol which is the hottest part of the country.

The peak travel summer months (July and August) is when the area is at its hottest, and my favourite months are late April/May and mid September/October when the temperature is still very warm (but tolerable) and the visitors numbers are not so high. It is much easier to catch taxis and buses then and also don’t wait so long to get served in restaurants and bars.

There are a number of golf courses here which are used a lot during the low season/winter months when the sun still tends to be shining, but it is comfortable to walk around and not have to cover yourself with sun block.

As a packing guide: from October to May bring a jacket, jumper and coat for nights as well as some slippers as the stone or marble floors are very cold to walk on at this time of year. In the summer bring some swimwear and as little clothing as you can get away with!

Alicante is surrounded by hills and mountains in the north which act as protection against rain and keep the warmth near to the coast.

The best sunbathing/beach holiday months are from May until the beginning of October, but nearly every Christmas I have been here it is warm enough to sit on the seafront or go for a walk and still catch the sun.


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Average Temperatures Month by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max (°C) 13 14 16 19 21 25 27 27 25 21 16 13
Min (°C) 6 7 9 11 14 18 21 21 19 15 11 8
Max (°F) 55 57 61 66 70 77 81 81 77 70 61 55
Min (°F) 43 45 48 52 57 64 70 70 66 59 52 46
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