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Live Flight Arrivals at Alicante Airport

Arriving at Alicante Airport

When you arrive at Alicante Airport (on a domestic or international flight) you go through a walkway on which takes about five minutes to get you to the baggage reclaim hall which is accessed by a ramp.

Baggage is reclaimed from 16 conveyor belts in two halls. The larger one is the EU hall which has 12 carousels plus two for special luggage. 

If you need to draw out some money or change some euros you will find a bureaux de change and ATMs in the public arrivals hall.

If you need any assistance or advice when you arrive head for the Spanish Airport Authority information desk which is has a bright yellow "i" sign above it in arrivals, or the local Tourist Agency will help you with hotels bookings, etc. Telephone: +34 96 691 9367.

Wi-Fi wireless Internet access is available throughout the airport terminal public area.

Guide to Alicante Arrivals

Once you have collected your bags you leave the inner security area via customs control. If you are being picked up this is where your lift should wait. There is only one door so it is very clear where you will come out.

If your luggage does not turn up or is damaged, you will see the lost luggage counter next to the belts. You will be asked to complete a form (available in English) and be asked where you are staying so that a driver from the airport can deliver your bags (hopefully the next day).

As well as the free delivery service, you can also ask for a “survival pack” which covers basic needs.
If you have arranged to hire a car then you will see the car hire counters on your right.

The taxi rank is outside the arrivals hall on your right and you need not worry about none being available as there are always loads of them lined up. In the summer months you might have to queue for a few minutes, but the whole process is marshalled and moved pretty quickly.

If you are planning on catching a regular Alicante bus (Subus or Alsa) to a nearby resort then do not follow the bus signs to the lower floor but head to the upper departures floor, walk to the end and head outside where you will see the bus stops.

If you are looking for the charter buses or have paid for one to be provided by your holiday company then take the lift in the public arrivals hall to the lower floor and follow the signs.

There are no train services from Alicante Airport with the nearest railway in the city centre.


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