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There are no direct flights from the UK to Vitoria so the best way to get there is to fly into Madrid or Barcelona and get a rail connection. There are no direct trains from Bilbao or Santander and so you will need to take the bus.

The City of Vitoria is about 10km away and the airport is just 64km south of Bilbao.


Vitoria has a medieval district with Gothic buildings constructed on a series of steps and terraces. The northern end is marked by the Catedral de Santa Maria (Old Cathedral) and the southern flank by the Iglesia de San Miguel. The urban heart of the city known as the Ensanche.

The major historic square in Vitoria is Plaza de la Virgen Blanca (named after Vitoria’s patron) which is just a short walk south of the medieval quarter. It has neoclassical balconies overlooking a statue of Wellington and the 13th century Church of San Miguel which has a 17th century altarpiece carved by Gregorio Fernández.

The Museum Fournier of Playing Cards is located in the Bendana Palace and takes first place on the list of playing card museums in the world. Special attention is paid to Spanish playing cards and you can see their evolution in different places in the world.

The Museo de Arqueología de Alava on Calle de la Correría has a half-timbered façade and exhibits artefacts including pottery shards and statues dating back to Celtic and Roman times which have been unearthed from various digs in the area.

The Augusti Palace houses the Museo de Bellas Artes de Alava on Paseo de Fray Francisco 8 and has a collection of several unusual weapons, portraits of Saints Peter and Paul by José Ribera and a Triptych by the Master of Avila


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