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Arriving at Vitoria Airport

After you have landed and disembarked from the plane you access one of the two baggage reclaim halls from the apron.

Each hall has a medium sized baggage reclaim carousel and after you have claimed your luggage you can go through to the main hall where you will find the ATMs, Aena and airline information desks.

There are no car hire companies based at the airport, so if you want to rent a car you need to contact one of the companies based in Vitoria.

Because Vitoria Airport is really more a freight handling airport than a passenger one transport is very limited. There is no bus service or railway here As there is no bus line to the airport but the local taxi drivers ensure that taxis are ready and waiting for pick ups when flights arrive.

It is only 8km from the airport to the city centre. The taxis Toperate two charge rates with the rate slightly higher if you arrive on a Saturdays, holiday or weekday between 22:00 and 07:00. Rate 1 is around €0,80 per km and rate 2 is €1,20 per km.

In Vitoria itself there is a bus station and railway to connect you to other parts of the region.


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