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Lanzarote Airport parking is located directly opposite the Terminal Buildings and is fairly inexpensive.

There are two car parks - T1 & T2. They are both fairly small with 1058 spaces in T1, plus 310 for rental cars and 49 for buses. T2 has just 204 spaces plus 60 for hire cars.

Although this is only a small airport with a limited number of flights, Lanzarote Airport car parking can become pretty crowded at times.

There is no low cost off airport parking available here so your choice is limited to one of the car parks below.

When you enter the car park take a ticket from the machine on the barrier. Keep somewhere safe whileyou are away as when you get back to collect your car you need to insert it into an automatic payment machine located in the arrival areas or car parks to pay for your stay. Credit cards and euro currency can be used in the machines.

Parking Charges

The P1 general car park is right opposite terminal 1and is the best one to use if you are dropping someone off or catching a domestic or international flight . It is a three minute walk from T1 and 7 minutes from T2.

Parking charges are just under €1,00 for the first hour €1,12 for every hour after that with a maximum daily rate for the first four days of €10.80 and €8.65 thereafter.

P2 is best for inter-island flights and is a three minute walk from Terminal 2. It take 7 minutes to get to Terminal 1.

Parking charges here are cheaper costing €0,88 for the first hour then €1,11 for every hour after that with a maximum daily rate for the first four days of €10.80 and €8.65 thereafter.

Information telephone for both car parks is:+34 928 846 270.


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