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Car Hire

Lanzarote Airport is only 9km from Arrecife which is the island's capital. It is relatively easy to drive to and from Lanzarote Airport via the Arrecife- Yaiza (LZ-2) road, taking the clearly marked exit at kilometre point number 4. It will take around 45 minutes to drive to Playa Blanca and 20 and 15 minutes to Puerto del Carmen and the Costa Teguise.

If you are going to use Lanzarote Airport car hire, the roads all over the island tend to be quiet (outside the main resorts) and well sign posted. The only difficult bit of road is in the North via Haria to the Mirador Del Rio, where there are some hairpins but well worth the drive as the views are fantastic.

The main thing to remember is that you drive on the right, but also:

  • always go anti-clockwise round a roundabout
  • If you turn right off a main road on to a minor road, you need to give way to people who have turned left
  • Traffic on a main road doesn't give way to traffic joining from a slip road
  • Never cross a solid white line as you will be fined

Another cultural difference on the island is that local drivers often do not use their indicators when making a turn, but often use them when slowing down. So make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front to give yourself time to react to the unexpected!

In the majority of tourist attractions there is plenty of free parking. Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen Avenida de las Playas tend to have pay and display which is marked by blue bays.

In Arrecife the best place to find parking is on Charco San Gines car park on the seafront between Calle le Real and Puerto Naos next to El Charco with its children’s playground.


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Driving Distances

To give you some idea of how long it will take you to get to your final destination, below are driving distances from the airport to some of the main resorts.

Arrecife 9km
Costa Teguise 15km
Haria 35km
Playa Blanco 34km
Playa Los Pocillos 8km
Puerto del Carmen 8km
Tias 16km
Puerto Los Mármoles 6km
Yaiza 19km


Car Rental Agencies

AutoReisen car hire at Lanzarote Airport

Top Car Auto Reisen Rent a Car
Ground Floor Terminals 1 and 2,

Tel: +34 928 846 001


Avis car hire at Lanzarote Airport

Avis Rent a Car
Ground Floor Terminal 1

Tel: +34 928 846 245


Cabrera Medina car hire at Lanzarote Airport

Cabrera Medina Hire Car
Terminals 1 & 2
35550 San Bartolomé, Lanzarote

Tel.: +34 928 84 62 76
Fax: +34 928 84 62 77


Europcar at Lanzarote Airport

Europcar Hire
Terminals 1 & 2

Tel: +34 928846260
Fax: +34 913444956


Felycar car hrie at Lanzarote Airport

Felycar Car Rental at Lanzarote Airport
Terminal 1

Tel: +34 928 846 104


Goldcar car hire at Lanzarote Airport

Goldcar Rentl
Arrivals Terminal Arrecife Airport

Tel:  +34 965 23 31 90
Fax:  +34 928 82 10 07


Hertz Rent a Car at Lanzarote Airport

Hertz Car Hire
Terminal 1

Tel: +34 928 846 190


Payless car hire at Lanzarote Airport

Payless Rent a Car
(Terminals  1 & 2)

Tel: +34 928 84 62 50


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