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Fuerteventura Airport parking is located directly opposite and a two minute walk away from the Terminal Building.

There is no shortage of parking with over 945 covered spaces available for private cars. There are further spaces available for hire cars and parking for buses/coaches.

Fuerteventura Airport Parking charges are very reasonable costing approximately €0,55 for the first hour and €0,88 for each hour thereafter with a maximum daily rate of €8,55 for up to 4 days (short term) and €6,80 from the fifth day (which is the long term parking rate).

There is a drop off zone outside departures but do not park your car and leave it here as it will be towed away. It is literally a place to just pull up and drop off your passengers with attendants there to check that cars move on quickly.

If you are travelling with a tour operator who is providing transport to your holiday destination you will see the coaches parked in an area on the right as you come out of the arrivals building.

Parking Payment

You need to pay for your parking using your ticket before you try and leave the car park. Look for the automatic payment machines opposite arrivals and inside the terminal in arrivals and departures. There is a manual payment point directly across from arrivals.

You can pay using Euro currency notes and coins in the payment machines. You can use your credit card to pay at the manual point. You have twenty minutes to leave the car park after you have paid.

Because the charges are so reasonable at the airport, there is no cheaper off airport long term parking on offer at the moment.

For more information telephone: +34 928 860 855


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