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The city of Bilbao has an oceanic climate which is milder than most of the other resorts in northern Spain and not going below freezing during the winter months and temperatures reaching as high as 35ºC during July and August.

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Situated alongside the Nervión River and close to the Atlantic Ocean, Bilbao can occasionally become humid, although cooling winds coming down off of the mountain ranges that enclose it to the north and south (the Pagasarri and the Artxanda) help to keep the temperatures moderate and the climate bearable.

However it is common for Bilbao to experience a few days of extreme heat mid-summer caused by the Foehn wind, with the highest recorded temperature coming in at 42.2°C.

There is more rain here than in the southern part of Spain with a light drizzle called the Sirimin covering the lush green hills and countryside of this Basque area. Precipitation is approximately 1200 mm per year, mainly consisting of rain, although in winter Bilbao sees an average of three days snowfall.

If you are coming anytime between October to May it is advisable to bring a jacket or jumper as it can get chilly at night.


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