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There is a good selection of places to get something to eat and drink at Bilbao Airport while you are waiting for your flight to be called.

If you are being dropped off and want a final drink then you can sit together at the Cafe Derio in the public area. The rest of the bars and cafes are located in the passenger only zone after travellers have checked in and cleared security.

If you want a more formal meal then the Airport Restaurant offers waiter service, but make sure you have an hour to spare as the meal can take a bit of time (depending on what you order).

If you are travelling on a budget or only have few euros left then the best place for you to get something to eat (which you can also take on the plane) is Pans & Co who sell an extensive range of freshly made hot or cold baguettes, muffins, cakes and drinks. They are good value for money compared to the coffee shops who charge "airport prices" which can be a bit steep.

Below we have listed all the bars and cafes with details of where they are located at Bilbao Airport and the type of food they serve.


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Where to get something to eat and drink

Cafeteria Derio Serves breakfast, teas and snacks Ground floor arrivals
Cafeteria Ganeko Drinks and snacks Floor 3 departures
Cafeteria Usoa Cakes and pastries or its large selection of pintxos and rolls Floor 3 departures
Cafeteria y self-service Loui In the boarding area walkway, good place to get something to eat or drink before getting on the plane. Floor 3 departures
Pans & Co Fresh baguettes, cakes and drinks Floor 3 departures
Restaurante Aeropuerto de Bilbao Formal waiter service offering local speciality dishes and grills. Floor 3 departures
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