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Today's weather in Barcelona is displayed in the icon below so click on it to find out more and also about what is expected for the next 5 or 10 days.

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When to Visit

Barcelona Weather is mild compared to Northern Spain with slightly cooler summers and much colder winters than here on the Costa Del Sol where I live. Having said that, I was there at the end of last year and had wall to wall sunshine and was walking around in linen trousers and a T shirt. But be warned that you can get a lot of rain, and when it rains in Spain it can be very heavy.

If you are visiting Catalonia to do some sightseeing then the best months are April and May and September when it is warm with blue skies without the humidity and intense heat that late June, July and August can bring. In fact most of the Spanish who are city based take their holidays in August and head for the coast.

What To Pack

If you are coming here for a break between September and May bring a jacket, warm jumper or wrap to wear at night. Make sure you have some waterproof clothing and an umbrella to cope with any rain.

In the real winter months from November to February bring a warm coat and some boots.

The other thing to bring in the winter is warm slippers, because if where you are staying has the usual stone or marble floors your feet will get very cold.

Pack as little as possible for the summer months!

Can you sunbathe all year?

Sunbathing is not possible all year round, especially between October and April when you can get quite cold winds. However if it's sunny it will normally be warm enough to sit outside for a couple of hours per day or for eating al fresco or just enjoying the sun and Barcelona weather over a coffee.

Quite a lot of the city hotels now have swimming pools with solariums on their roofs.

You can get a tan virtually every day from June to the beginning of October.


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