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The Barcelona Airport telephone Numbers are listed below. The main Airport information number for checking arrivals is +34 932 983 838. Barcelona Airport Lost & Found telephone number +34 932 983 349.

With all the additional security checks which are now in place, lost or delayed luggage is a big problem. If your bags do not arrive you should contact the ground handling agents for your airline. You can find out the names and telephone numbers of the lost luggage representatives at Barcelona below.

A good tip if there are two of you and you are both checking luggage into the hold is to pack a "survival kit" in each bag so if ones goes missing you still have items to tide you over in the other bag until the missing one turns up.

Also with the charges that airlines are now making for checking in luggage more and more passengers are travelling light with just hold luggage. Remember Barcelona is a large city with plenty of places to buy toiletries to save space in your bag.

Make sure you get in contact with lost luggage as soon as you discover your baggage did not arrive.

You will be asked to fill in a form (which can be supplied in English) which is pretty straight forward giving all your details, together with information about where you are staying and a contact number. It is very much the norm that misplaced luggage does arrive the following day but always be prepared for a few days. I know a lot of travellers who have had a weekend break and are on their way home before the bags show up!

If you are dialling from outside Spain or on a mobile please add the numbers (0034) at the front of all numbers.

Lost Luggage Telephone Numbers

Airline Telephone Luggage Handlers
Aer Lingus 933 428 891 Newco
British Airways 902 111 333 Iberia
Delta Airlines 900 800 743 Flightcare
Easyjet 902 599 900 -
El Al 915 412 005 Iberia
Iberia 902 400 500 Iberia
Jet2 902 881 269 Flightcare
KLM 902 222 747 Groundforce
Lufthansa 902 883 882 Flightcare
Monarch 800 099 260 Iberia
Ryanair 00 44 871 2460011 Lesma
Thomas Cook +32 70 22 32 20 Groundforce
Thomson Airways 914 141 481 Groundforce
Vueling 807 200 200 Iberia

Baggage Handlers

There are six lost luggage departments, each dealing with a different baggage handling unit.

Below are the telephone numbers for the airline baggage handling companies that are listed against the corresponding airline in the right hand column of the table above. You should contact the numbers below if you lose any luggage during your journey.

Flightcare 932 983 310
Groundforce 932 930 648
Iberia Handling 902 341 342
Lesma Lost & found for Ryanair
Swissport 932 984 289
Vueling 902 486 648


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