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Terminal 2 Bars & Restaurants

All of the UK airlines operate from Terminal 2.  Ryanair, Jet2.com and Monarch are all based in Terminal 2B with the budget carrier easyJet in a separate section (T2C) at the left hand end of the buildings. So if you are getting a taxi back to the airport to catch your flight make sure you tell the texi driver which module in terminal 2 you are departing from as there is a bit of a walk between them all.

If you are travelling from the new terminal which is at the other side of the airport, you can find out more about the bars and restaurants in Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport here.

The only place to get something to eat and drink in the public arrivals area in the old Terminal 2 is Fresh & Ready on the ground floor. They are open daily from 06:30 to 22:30 and sell sandwiches, salads, cakes and pastries, coffee and soft drinks.

There is much more choice when you are leaving and listed below are bars and restaurants together with details of which module they are located in.

The last time I was in this terminal in the passenger only zone on the firstt floor of modules A and B there were quite a few shop units which were closed (having relocated to the new terminal) but the cafes were open.

The food and drink prices are pretty high (which unfortunately is the norm for airports almost worldwide) with sandwiches/baguettes averaging about €6,00: and expect to pay at least double for a can of Coke/bottle of water.

The places in the public zone are well spaced out as the modules are all connected from one to the ther except T2C which is in a building next door.

T2B is the ground floor area you enter when you come out into after you have cleared security with module A at the far end of the building. if you want a quick snack from Pans & Co it is in the middle of the area (I am telling you this because I saw the bags but it took me ages to find and I had to walk up and down a couple of times as it is set back a bit!)


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Terminal 2 Departures

Dehesa Santa Maria T2A. 1st Floor Boarding module M4
Caffe di Fiore T2A 1st Floor Boarding module M4.
T2A 1st Floor Boarding module M5.
T2B Ground Floor Public Zone.
T2B Ground Floor Public Zone.
T2B 1st Floor Boarding module M3.
Pans & Company Terminal T2B. Ground Floor Public Zone.
Grill Terracotta Terminal T2B 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Dehesa Santa Maria Terminal T2B 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Fresh & Ready T2C Ground Floor Public Zone.
Medas T2 C 1st Floor. Boarding module M1.
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