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Bars & Restaurants in Terminal 1

If you are lucky enough to be travelling through Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport (unfortunately most UK flights are handled at the older Terminal 2) then you are spoilt for choice with the number of shops, bars and restaurants there.

The first thing I noticed about it was how big and light it was with the large glass domed roof and the fact that you could see your face (literally) in the highly polished black marble floor. I found it a very comfortable and uncrowded place to wait for my flight (despite the fact it was very busy).  But  if you want the ultimate place to relax then try one of the VIP free lounges which can be accessed via departures. If you are not travelling business class then you can use the facilities for €25.00

Most of the bars and restaurants are on the departures floor (located mainly to the left of the escalator which takes you down into the mall) where you have a great choice of places to take the family, sample some tapas, use a self-service cafeteria or just get something quick and straightforward like a McDonalds.

One thing I should point out though is that Spanish airport prices are higher than average (they have a captive hungry and thirsty clientele!) so check the charges before you go too mad with your order.

Another alternative is to buy a baguette or sandwich from somewhere like Pans & Co or Fresh & Ready and take it on the plane to eat. But again check the price because some of the cafes charge anything between €5-8,00 for a simple snack! The two places I have mentioned are pretty reasonably priced.

Listed below are the places currently operating (but the list does change all the time) which I have split into arrivals and departures with details of where you can find them.


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Arrivals Bars & Restaurants

Caffe de Fiore 1st Floor Public Zone
Jamaica Coffee Shop 1st Floor Public Zone
Lizarran Tapas 1st Floor Public Zone


Departures Bars & Restaurants

Apetece 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Caffe de Fiore 1st Floor Boarding Area B
3rd Floor Boarding Area E
Caffe di Roma 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
Dehesa Santa Maria 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
2nd Floor Boarding Area B
3rd Floor .Boarding Area D
Fresh & Ready 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
Gambrinus 1st Floor Boarding Area B
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
Illy Cafe 1st Floor Boarding area A.
Jamaica Coffee Shop 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Lizarran Tapas 1st Floor Boarding Area C.
McDonalds 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
3rd Floor Boarding Area D.
Medas Beer 1st Floor Boarding area A.
Medas Grill 1st Floor Barcelona-Madrid  corridor.
Moncho’s House 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Mussol 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Pastafiore 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
Pans & Company 1st Floor Passenger-only zone
3rd Floor Public Zone.
Portagaig Restaurant 3rd Floor Public Zone.
Quasi Queviures 3rd Floor Public Zone.
Semonair 1st Floor Passenger-only zone.
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