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Parking at Barcelona Airport

As you would expect of a large airport, there are over 19,500 parking spaces at Barcelona; nearly 11,000 at terminal 1 and nearly 9,000 at terminal 2.

There is a long-stay car park 2km from T1 which is connected both terminals by a free shuttle bus. All of the car parks have security patrols.

Barcelona Airport Car Parking

You obtain an entry ticket by from the machine at the car park entrance.

Before you can leave you must pay your fee at one of 21 ATMs in the terminal public areas, as you walk into the car park and on the ground and 2nd floors next to the air bridge in PA and PC. You are given twenty minutes to get out of the car park once you have paid

If you need any help or have lost your ticket hit the button on the ATM or go to the info centre. If your battery has gone flat one of the attendants will start it at no charge.

Terminal 1 Parking

The T1 car park is just a few metres from terminal building which can be reached via a foot bridge. It is the best option for stays of less than four days.

The Terminal 1 open-air car park is close to terminal T1, ideal for short and medium length stays.

Terminal 2 Parking

You will see the PC car park a few metres from terminal T2C to which it is connected via a footbridge. Use it for a short or medium length stays.

The PA car park building which is just a few metres from terminal T2A is closed temporarily.

The T2 open-air car park has parking spaces in front of terminals T2A, T2B and T2C.

Long Term Parking

You can get cheaper rates by using long term parking at Barcelona Airport. You can find out more by clicking on the link, but as a guide the charges are €13.55 per day for between 1-4 days: €10.95 per day for 5-7 days and €5.75 per day for 8 days or more.

You can reach it by travelling on the C31 motorway to the B-22 which goes to T1 and take the first exit off to the right.

If you are travelling from T2 follow the directions to get to T1 (or Cargopark) and you will see the long stay car park before you reach Terminal 1

Passengers with Reduced Mobility

There are clearly marked spaces in the PC and PA (which is closed temporarily) car parks.

These parking spaces are reserved for the exclusive use of passengers requiring special assistance or with reduced mobility.

VIP Parking

Barcelona Airport VIP Parking is a secure and patrolled car park for 148 vehicles offering a collection service at various points in front of the terminal buildings.

There is a VIP parking information desk located in Terminal B opposite check in desk 44 and you can contact them on (+34) 932 971 381 or visit www.parkingvipbarcelona.com

They also offer other additional services such as boarding pass arrangements, vehicle washing, oil changes and vehicle transfer to where the customer requires, MOT, etc. They also work in partnership with some airlines and sometimes have special deals offering a number of free days.

Below is a list of of their current tariffs:

Number of Days Total Charge (€)
1-2 68,00
7 140,00
14 226,00


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