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Live Flight Departures at Barcelona Airport

Leaving Barcelona Airport

Make sure you check your flight itinerary to see which terminal you are flying from. If it is Terminal 2 (which is where most UK flights go to and from) also check the boarding module ( A, B or C).

If you need to transfer between terminals they are a 10 minute journey apart you need to use the free shuttle bus service which runs from the stop outside the terminal at 7 minute intervals.

If you are getting a taxi to the airport make sure you tell the driver (most of them will ask you) exactly where you are departing from as the modules in terminal 2 are a way apart and module C for easyJet passengers is in a separate building.

Departures Terminal 1

On your boarding pass you will see which of the 5 boarding areas (A, B, C, D and E) you should head for. All have a big selection of shops for you to spend your last euros and plenty of places for you to get something to eat and drink ranging from sandwich and tapas bars, fast food to full blown restaurants.

There are 36 check-in desks on the ground floor of terminal A and after you have checked in there are two pre-boarding modules (M-4 and M-5) which can be reached via a passenger walkway. There are plenty of free trolleys dotted around which you can take as far as your boarding gate.

Departures Terminal 2

If you are flying from terminal 2 make sure you go to the right module (A, B, or C) to check in.Once you have your boarding pass you will be able to see which departures module to go to on the first floor to wait for your gate to appear and flight to be called on one of the monitors. The departures areas can be reached by a travelator. There are a few shops and bars & restaurants in this area.

In the pre-boarding module, passengers should pay close attention to the information monitors which provide information on boarding times and the corresponding gate, either directly through an airbridge or remotely by bus, which are accessed through the doors on the ground floor.

Within the departures hall you will find that each terminal area is represented by different colours so as to help you find your way around and to ensure you know which section you are in. Terminal A is represented by the colour red, Terminal B green and Terminal C blue.


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