Car Hire at Zaragoza Airport

Car hire

Car Hire

If you are hiring a car to get you to your final destination then it is easy to find your way on to the the N125 motorway which takes you to the city. Other major roads are the N330, N232, A23, A68 and the AP2 which are all well maintained with good signposting for turn-offs, etc.

There are toll roads in this area which can be identified as the number is prefixed with the letter P (for example the AP2 above). The charges depend on the time of year with the tariffs at their highest in July and August.

The best time to visit Zaragoza is during the spring April and autumn. It can get very hot in late June and and July with temperatures reaching their peak In August. Os if you are her during the hotter months remember to hire a car with air conditioning and park the car in shade (if you can find any) or underground as otherwise you will find it burning hot when you return.

The main festival is El Pilar during the week of 12th October when there are concerts, street entertainers and bullfights.

If you are staying in Zaragoza then it is best to walk to the major places of interest or catch a bus or taxi as free parking in the city centre is very limited. if your feet start to ache after looking at all the palaces, museums and monuments in the Old Quarter.

Zaragoza has good motorway connections to Huesca (one hour), Teruel (two hours ), Madrid (3 hours), and by toll highways with Barcelona (3hours and costing around €35), Pamplona and Bilbao. Traffic in the city is quite easy to manage except on some weekends and holidays.

Most streets have metered parking which is limited from between one to two hours.


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Car Hire Firms

There are three car hire companies who all have their offices on the ground floor in the main arrivals hall. You can find their contact details below.

Because the car hire market is so competitive there are some excellent deals to be struck. But to make this happen you have to do some homework.

Booking a rent a car ahead of time is by far the best option, as the further in advance you are able to make the reservation the better price you should be able to negotiate.

Europcar at Zaragoza Airport

Servicio Aeropuerto
Carretera Aeropuerto s/n
50011 Zaragoza España

Telephone: +34 976 712 443

Website: www.europcar.es

Hertz car hire at Zaragoza Airport

Servicio Aeropuerto
Carretera Aeropuerto s/n
50011 Zaragoza España

Telephone: +34 976 320 925

Website: www.hertz.es

Enterprise Car Hire at Zaragoza Airport

National Atesa
Servicio Aeropuerto
Carretera Aeropuerto s/n
50011 Zaragoza España

Telephone: +34 976 314 763

Website: www.enterprise.es/

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