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Vitoria Gasteiz is the capital of the Basque country and is located in the north of Spain near the Bay of Biscay and the south-west border of France. The terrain is a combination of rugged coast land and a very fertile wet jungle.

The climate in Vitoria is humid with mild temperatures all year round and heavy showers during the spring and autumn. The average temperature is 20°C in summer and 8°C in winter.

It can be very hot for a few days during the high season when the strong Fohn winds from the south blow through the mountains causing temperatures to rise.

If you are planning to visit the region make sure you bring some wet weather gear, good walking shoes and warm clothes for when it gets dark when temperatures tend to plummet.

It is a beautiful area to explore in the right clothes but misery if you feel cold and wet!

There is VERY limited public transport here so you really need to hire a car if you want to see the area properly. And if you are visiting during the warmer months it is advisable to get one with air conditioning.


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