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The image below shows you what the weather is like in Vigo today. Just click on it to obtain a more detailed forecastfor the rest of the day and the next 5 or 10 days.

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Vigo is located in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula which is sometimes referred to as "Green Spain" with its mild winters, rainfall throughout the year and summers that are nowhere near as hot as in the south.

October to December is the wettest season, while July is the driest month. This region offers a taste of "real Spain" far removed from the tourist resorts on the Costa del Sol in a greener and more traditional Spain. Galicia is a region which is rich in history, tradition and architecture with a lush and mountainous landscape covered with pine and eucalyptus forests.

The landscape is green and not the brown or burnt green you see in the south and the mild climate and literally hundreds of kilometres of coastline, has resulted in this area having a combined economy of farming and fishing. Vigo is famous for its shellfish.

By far the best way to explore this area of Spain is by hiring a car so that you can get to places off the beaten track which is not accessible by public transport. If you do rent a car during the summer months make sure that you order one with air conditioning.


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