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If you are flying to or from Palma Airport this year and still need to work out the best way to get to your final destination, then it's worth considering pre-booking a private transfer as this really is the easiest way to travel. You will be met in a pre-arranged spot in the main arrivals hall by a driver to take you to a waiting vehicle and on to your accommodation.

And if you think they are too expensive, check them out online against the cost of a taxi and you might be pleasantly surprised. The real cost saving comes if you are a couple travelling with a several f children or in a large golfing (or similar) party. Spanish taxi drivers are only licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers (including children), whereas a private transfer company can supply transport for up to 52 passengers (private coach). So if you book a people carried for your family this tends to work out cheaper than hiring two taxis. It is also a safer way to travel and keeps everyone together.

Also if you are here on a golfing holiday, going surfing, etc, and are carrying some large pieces of luggage, you can book a vehicle which is big enough to get them on board.


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We always use Shuttle Direct for our own personal private transfers and have no hesitation in recommending them to you.


Also even though the law in Spain is very strict about children being transported in baby seats or with restraints, the taxis here do not have to supply them. Obviously safety is a big factor when travelling in a foreign country and when booking a private transfer you can request that these are fitted in the vehicle that picks you up.

By pre-booking you will be met in an agreed spot within the Palma airport arrivals hall and dropped off at the Palma airport departures area on your return.


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