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Palma Airport offers five different parking schemes: short term, 2 different long term options, express, and VIP parking.

The main car park at Palma Airport is spread over 6 floors with direct access via a tunnel from the fourth floor to the Palma Airport departures area of the building.

If you are arriving at the Airport an automatic walkway links the Palma Airport arrivals floor of the terminal building to the car park.

There is a connecting tunnel from the fourth floor of the car park to the departures area of the terminal. A baggage reclaim carousel connects the arrivals level of the terminal with the car park. Automatic pay stations are situated on the ground and fourth floors.

Hire Car Parking

The Palma Airport car hire companies occupy 700 spaces of the Palma Airport parking on the ground floor public arrivals hall.

There are two sections with car hire desks along the wall facing the exit doors of the terminal.

In the first block you will find Auriga Crown, National Atesa, Record and Sixt and in the second batch there is Avis, Europcar, Goldcar Europa and Hertz.

Express Car Parking

You can find Express parking at Palma Airport which is located on the south side of the terminal building and has 36 spaces, 2 of which are reserved for reduced mobility.

This is expensive and should only be used if you are picking someone up and only intend to park there for a short while.

Costs are 3c per minute 0-15 minutes: 5c per minute 16-30 minutes: 6c per minute 31-60 minutes: 8c per minute 61-90 minutes and 10c per minute from 91 minutes onwards.

For more information go to www.expresspalma.com

Telephone: +34 971 787 598

General Short Term

Has a capacity for 3,180 vehicles and is located on floors 1 to 4. There are six places per level located next to the lifts and escalators which are reserved for travellers with reduced mobility.

Rates: All or part of the first half hour, free. Price per minute: From 31 minutes to 60 minutes, €0.019480; from 61 minutes, €0.018556. Maximum daily rate up to 4 days, €10.80; maximum daily rate from fifth day, €8.65.

Telephone: +34 971 789 386

Long Stay

One of the long term schemes for parking at Palma Airport is on floors five and six. There are 1600 spaces with six spaces on each floor located next to the lifts and escalators - which are reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

You can also park in the Long Term Car park which is located in the South industrial park with a capacity for 319 vehicles.

When you leave the motorway drive on to the service road and look for signs to the Larga Estancia car park.

Charges here are €10.80 for days 1 & 2 : €9.95 for days 3 & 4. €4.39 for each additional day up to 16 days when it becomes €97.65 for 16-30 days.

For more details on both of these schemes telephone: +34 971 255 827 or visit www.largaestanciapalma.com.

VIP Parking

VIP parking is located opposite the departures Terminal where the vehicle pick-up is and the arrivals zone by the north services parking area. Cars are stored on the sixth floor.

Costs are up to 2 days €50: 3 days €65: from the fourth day an additional €10 per day and from the 20th day €5 per day.

For more information telephone: +34 902 102 020


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