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madrid weather
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Madrid Weather

To get the full forecast on the weather in Madrid for today and the next 5 or 10 days go to the weather icon below and click anywhere in the box.

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What the Weather is really like

The Madrid Weather is cold in the winter (especially at nights) and unbearably hot in the summer. When packing it is best to bring as little as posible in the hot summer months and layers in the spring, autumn and winter so that you can add jumpers, scarves, wraps, etc, as the weather gets colder towards the end of the day.

If you are planning on doing some sightseeing the best months to visit are May, June and September when there are clear blue skies with a temperature that is lovely and warm to walk around and sit out in and far more tolerable than in July and August.

When it rains here it is often torrential so make sure you bring some wet weather clothing and an umbrella. Also recently this area has been known to have snow so make sure you have some good gripping boots in case it gets icy.

Unlike the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain where you can sunbathe even on Christmas day, Madrid is much colder in the winter so also make sure you bring some slippers with you during the colder months as the marble or stone floors can be freezing to walk around on.

The temperature chart below gives a good indication of what to expect on a month by month basis.


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Average Temperatures

Month Maximum (ºC) Maximum (ºF)
January 49 9
February 52 11
March 59 15
April 65 18
May 68 20
June 75 24
July 77 25
August 79 26
September 75 24
October 68 20
November 61 16
December 58 14
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