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Private Transfers at Madrid Airport

Private Transfers

Private Madrid airport transfers are essential if your party is larger than four people (including any children) as taxis in Spain are not licensed to carry more than this number.

Private transfer companies are able to transport up to 52 passengers by offering a range of vehicles including coaches and mini-buses. They also offer safe online booking facilities and a manned customer service desk.

If this works out a little expensive then you could always pre book a seat on a shared shuttle bus


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We always use Shuttle Direct for our own personal private transfers and have no hesitation in recommending them to you.


The benefits of booking a private transfer are not only that your party can travel together no matter what size it is, but if you are travelling with young children and babies you can pre-book baby sets and child restraints to be fitted in the transfer vehicle. Taxi drivers in Spain are not obliged by law to supply these items and it is obviously much better for your peace of mind if they are safe and secure.

Also by pre-booking the service online you can pay by credit card for the pick (and drop off) if required. This means that everything is paid for and you don't get any nasty surprises like high taxi prices/find out there are, several bus changes required to get to your destination, etc.

It also takes all the hassle out of travelling as a driver will be there to collect you when you arrive and escort you to your car. No queuing for buses under the hot sun or racing around looking for the railway station or taxi rank.


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