Parking at Madrid Airport

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Parking at Madrid Airport

Madrid Airport parking both short and long term is easy to find and relatively cheap.

Detailed below are where the car parks are located, what sort of parking they offer so you can weigh up the options open to you together with their charges.

Low Cost Parking

The low-cost car park for 220 vehicles can be found in the South Dock of Terminal 1 connected by bus to T1, T2, T3 and T4.

The minimum stay is two days for €15 euros: three days/ €22.50: four days/ €30 with the rate increasing by €5 per day from the fifth day onwards.

Book in advance for this car park by either telephoning +34 686 595 476 or email bajocostet1@empark.es

Parking Terminal 1 (P1)

You will see an open air car park in front of Terminal 1 for 2,392 vehicles. There are a number of payment machines with daily and monthly parking rates that must be paid in advance.

Daily rate up to four days €18.30: from day five €14.65.

Parking Terminals 2/3 (P2)

4,437 spaces over seven floors divided into 4 modules with short term and express parking facilities. The first floor accesses the terminals via a central passageway.

There are ticket machines and information desk at the first floor entrance entrance and next to the new module.

Daily rate up to four days €18.30: from day five €14.65.

Parking Terminal 4 (P4)

This large car park has six modules, each of which have five storeys which can accommodate up to 7,795 vehicles.

Daily rate up to four days €18.30: from day five €14.65.

There are two new car parks located near Terminal 4 at Madrid Airport which offer reduced price parking. The new low cost and long stay car parks offer 338 and 920 spaces at affordable prices. They have been set up to meet the demands of passengers who currently use the low cost parking in T1 and T2 at Madrid Airport.

The car parks offer a regular shuttle service which operates at regular intervals connecting them with Terminal 4 which is just four minutes away.

You can find out more about charges and pre-book a space here.

Short Stay Parking Terminal 2 (P2)

Short-term public car park is a couple of minutes away from the arrivals hall at terminal 2. It accommodates 39 vehicles and for stays of more than 30 minutes itis advisable to use another car park.

Rates: first 30 minutes €0,07 per minute: from minute 30 €0.10 per minute: maximum daily rate €61.

Long Term Parking - All Terminals (P1/2/3)

Car park with 1,655 spaces situated on Logroño Avenue with a free shuttle bus to takes passengers to the releant terminals. Buses run continually from 7:00 am to midnight as regular ten minute intervals. They can be contacted via intercoms at arrivals in Terminals 1, 2 3 from 0.00 to 7.00.

You can book by telephoning +34 913 936 937, fax: +34 913 938 284 or online at largaestancia. You can also request services including a car wash and oil change.

This is a 24 hour service. The rates are as follows:

Day 1 €10.80
Day 2 €21.60
Day 3 €31.40
Day 4 €41.20
Day 5 €51.00
Day 6 €56.70
Day 7 €62.40
Day 8 €68.10
Day 9 €73.80
Day 10 €79.50
Day 11 €85.20
Day 12 €90.90
Day 13 €96.60
Day 14 €101.30
Day 15 €108.00

VIP Parking at Madrid Airport (all terminals)

VIP parking is an option I can recommend! Simply drop your car off at the pre agreed meeting place and as you return and collect your bags call the VIP telephone number and your car will be waiting outside for you.

Additional services, such as car-washing, oil-change, small repairs and services etc, are also provided. Find out more by calling +34 913 937 337 or emailing: info@vipbarajas.es or visit twww.avipbarajas.es

The VIP car park for terminals 1, 2 and 3 is located just before P5 and hired vehicles, next to the Underground and P2. Cars are returned and collected at the meeting points indicated.

The VIP car Park for terminal 4 is in P4, module A, and in P11 Cars are returned and collected at the meeting points indicated.

Day 1 €30.00
Day 2 €58.60
Day 3 €80.00
Day 4 €91.00
Day 5 €101.00
Day 6 €112.00
Day 7 €133.00
Day 14 €195.00
Day 21 €255.00
Day 30 €315.00


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