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Below is information on banking facilities, VIP lounges, lost property, misplaced luggage and details on the tourist offices, internet facilities and chapel.

Madrid-Barajas Airport now has a place for smokers to eat and drink. La Fumarola is an outdoors area located some distance from the entrance to the terminal building. It has a terrace around a bar counter with a water spray system in its ceiling to help reduce the summer heat.

Banking Services at Madrid Airport

BBVA Bank branches in the public area on the ground floor of Terminal 4 and first floor of Terminal 2. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-14:15. Customer assistance: +34 902 224 466: T2: +34 913 054 651: T4 : +34 913 337 018

Website: www.bbva.es or E-mail: servicioatencioncliente@grupo.bbva.es

Caja Madrid branches in the public areas on the second floor of Terminal 4 and second floor of Terminal 2. Opening hours:Monday to Friday 08:15 to 19:45: Thursdays (October-April) 17:00 to 19:30. Customer assistance: +34 902 246 810: T2: +34 913 292 227: T4: + 34 913 338 240

Post Office

There are Post Offices on the ground floors of Terminal 1 and Terminal 4. Open on : weekdays from 08:30 to 14:30 and Saturdays from 09:30 to 13:00. Website: www.correos.es. Customer assistance: +34 900 506 070: Information telephone: +34 902 197 197: T1: +34 913 054 097 and T4 : +34 913 338 336

Left Luggage

There are three left luggage offices at the airport which are open 24 hours a day in T1, T2 and T4. Prices vary depending on the size of the item but locker charges a part of whole of one day are: €5,80 (large and small): 2 to 15 days €5,80 (large): €4,55(small). Warehouse Storage €2,30 per day. Transfer to warehouse: €45,95. Lost keys €6,90.

There are also lockers which take large items at €5,85 per day. Information: Terminal 2 +34 913 936 805/Terminal 4 +34 917 466 065

Madrid Airport also has plastic luggage wrapping machines distributed around the 4 terminals.

Lost Property

Madrid Airport has a Lost Property Service on the ground floor of T1 with opening times for collection every day from 07:00 am to 23:00. Telephone: +34 932 596 440.

Lost property offices can be found on the ground floors of T1 & T4. The T1 opening hours are daily from 08:00-21:00 and T4 daily from 07:00-23:00. T1 telephone: +34 913 936 119 & T4 telephone: +34 917 466 439. For objects left on the aircraft please contact your airline's office.

WiFi/Internet Connections

Madrid Airport has Wi-Fi / Wireless Internet access in different airport areas: kubiwireles / email: ayuda@kubiwireless.com

Connection points in all VIP lounges and bars and cafes in Terminals 1,2, and 3. For more information +34 902 195 788

Pharmacy & Medical Services

There are three pharmacies - in T4 on the second floor which is open 24 hours. Telephone: +34 913 338 357: T1 on the ground floor public area, opening hours: 07:00 to 23:00 telephone: +34 913 055 199: T2 in the public area on floor 2. Opening hours 07:00-23:00. Telephone: +34 913 054 623¡

Terminal 2 and Terminal operate a medical serice for passengers in transit who require assistance. The medical service on the ground floor of T4 is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week, on the ground floor in T4S it is open daily from 07:00-23:00 and on the ground floor of T2 it is open 24 hours a day. Telephone: +34 913 936 55

Madrid-Barajas Airport has 65 Heart Rescue Areas to assist passengers with heart problems. There are 36 defibillators in T1, T2 and T3 - and 29 in T4 and T4S) which examine the patient's heartbeat and determines the need to deliver an electric shock.

Information Services

Aena has a team of more than one hundred “skycaps” who are available to help and attend to passengers at a number of different information points throughout the airport.


Tourist Information Offices

There are three tourist information offices at Madrid Airport: T4 ground floor. Opening hours: 09:00 to 20:00. Information telephone: + 34 902 100 007/915 881 636

T1 ground floor. Opening hours:08:00 to 20:00. Sundays and holidays from 09:00 to 20:00. Closed 1st January, 1st May and 25th December. Information telephone: + 34902 100 007

T2 first floor. Opening hours: o9:30 to 20:30. Information telephone: + 34915 881 636


Senora de Guadalupe in Terminal 1 Floor 2. Mass held at 11:00 every Sunday and on public holidays.

Senora de Loreto Terminal T2 Floor 1. Mass held at 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: Saturday and public holidays at 19:00.

Santiago Terminal 4 Floor 2. Mass held every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00: Sundays and public holidays at 13:00.

Oratory on the 2nd floors of T1 and T4.


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