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The P1 general car park is located under the new terminal buillding with two indoor covered floors. It is relatively small with 448 spaces and 23 for passengers with mobility problems. It takes approximately three minutes to access the main building from the car park.

It is suitable for short and long term parking. you can pick up or drop off someone in the area outside the terminal entrance, but you are only allowed a maximum of 10 minutes and do not leave your car as this area is security patrolled and you will come back and find it has been towed away.

Entrance to the car park is via the new direct access road. If you are approaching it from Santa Cruz on the La Bajita Road take the first roundabout. If coming from the south on the Mazo Road take the second roundabout via the road which runs parallel to the new terminal.

The parking rates are €10,00 per daily maximum up to 4 days and daily maximum from day five €9,00.

When you enter the car park you will be given a ticket from the machine at the barrier. Hang on to this as you will need it when you want to leave. Use one of the pay machines which accept credit cards and euros to pay on your return. This will stamp your ticket as paid and if you insert it into the slot on the barrier at the exit it will lift up to let you pass.


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