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Gibraltar Weather

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Gibraltar Climate

Gibraltar is on the south tip of Spain just across from Morocco with Tangiers a couple of hours by ferry and Malaga a two hour drive along the Costa del Sol coastline.

The Gibraltar climate has mild winters and warm dry summers, although from May -September it can get very hot and humid (even with the breeze off the Atlantic).

During the summer Gibraltar averages 10.5 hours of sunshine a day, and on average about 30% of days are described as ‘wet’. The warm water in makes it ideal for swimmers and divers.

If you are visiting Gibraltar during cooler winter months pack for lows of around 12º C and highs that could reach 20ºC. Spring typically sees average temperatures of between 19-22ºC

It is uncommon for The Rock to enjoy up to 90 days without rain during the summer months, when lows might dip to 12ºC but on most days the temperature will be nearer to 30ºC highs

Like neighbouring Southern Spain, as autumn sets in the temperatures are at their best ranging between 18-26ºC

Because the Mediterranean Sea meets the much cooler Atlantic here it is not unusual for the Rock to be shrouded in mist when the two currents collide. I have often been driving there from Spain when you cannot see it at all from the motorway.


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