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The general P1 public car park at Almeria Airport is directly in front of the airport terminal. It has capacity for 679 cars.

It is ideal if you are picking up or dropping off passengers or planning a short or mid term stay.

Parking Charges

The P1 parking rates at Almeria Airport is less than 79c for 30 minutes or maximum of €11,55 for up to 4 days and €9,25 from the fifth day onwards.

Take your ticket to the 'caja' machine before you go to collect your car, insert the ticket and then pay the required fee. To lift the barrier when you are driving out of the car park simply put the stamped ticket in the machine at the exit.

Offsite Parking

There is a company offering offsite parking which is cheaper for foreign residents, property owners and locals. They are called AA Parking and you can find more details of their charges and make an online booking on their website at www.aaparking.es

If you have booked in advance then you drop-off your car at their desk in the airport car park where a representatie will take it to a depot a minute away from the terminal building. When you come back you go back to the same place where you left your car where it will be waiting for you.


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