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Spanish Airport Guide is an independent guide that is published with the traveller and tourist in mind.

We have personally visited the airports in Spain and whilst small details do change from time to time we believe it is the best, up to date guide available for the Airports in Spain.

The airports are always being updated and last year saw the opening of the new terminal at Malaga Airport, which as a resident of the Costa Del Sol and a regular traveller I am very pleased about. The fantastic new terminal with it’s modern, light look almost makes travelling pleasurable!

And there's good news for travellers to the Costa Blanca with the new second terminal now completed at Alicante Airport and due to open later this year. This should make the whole process of travelling through this airport a whole lot easier.

Over the last 2 or 3 years flights between Spain and most European Countries have decreased as airlines pull back on their overheads. However there are still a large number of flight options open to people travelling to Spain and in most cases there are alternative airports within an hour or so.

To give you some idea of the number of people who fly to Spain: in 2010 the Spanish Airports handled 192,787,860 passengers with 2,116,512 flight operations.

No matter how much time we put into the guide people always have questions we haven’t thought of. If you have a question and can’t find the answer then please feel free to contact us.

About Spanish Airport Guide

Spanish Airport Guide was borne out of our frustration at never really being able to find out reliable information about airports we were travelling to and even more frustrating, not being able to find out which airports in the UK offered direct flights to Spanish airports.

If you haven't been here before we are sure you will love it and come back for more... if like us you come back time and time again then please email us with places that you love so we can share this information with everyone else!

Our challenge as always is to keep this guide as up to date as we can so if you spot an error we have made be sure to email and let us know....

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