Flights to Spain

Spanish Flights

Regular, direct flights to Spain from the UK are available from 31 UK and Ireland Airports and land at around 30 different Airports in Spain.

The 31 Airports in the UK offering cheap flights to Spain are: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cork, Coventry, Doncaster, Dublin, Durham Tees, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gatwick, Heathrow, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Newquay, Norwich, Preston, Southampton, Stansted and Teesside.

alicante airport

Flights to Alicante

About 80% of the passengers travelling to and from Alicante Airport come from International flights, with the highest number coming from the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden.You can organise flights to Alicante Airport through a number of budget and scheduled airlines with flights operating from a large number of Airports in the UK.

almeria airport

Flights to Almeria

Almeria is tucked away in the south east corner of Spain and is becoming a popular holiday resort. It offers a quieter holiday than the Costa Del Sol but has some of the driest weather on the Spanish mainland. You can find out more about flights to Almeria Airport here.

barcelona airport

Flights to Barcelona

Flights to Barcelona are available through around 7 main UK scheduled Airlines. Between them they cover the 20 UK Airports listed below.

bilbao airport

Flights to Bilbao

A large amount of the passenger traffic at Bilbao Airport is from internal flights and you can fly from Bilbao to any of the following Spanish Airports: A Coruna, Alicante, Barcelona, Badajoz, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Jerez, Lanzarote, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Tenerife (North and South), Valencia and Vigo. There are also European flights to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Paris and Stuttgart.

fuerteventura airport

Flights to Fuerteventura

There are a large number of flights to Fuerteventura from the UK and other EU countries. The Spanish National carrier, Iberia Airlines, also offer a large number of flights to Fuerteventura from the Spanish mainland and the other Canary Islands.

gibraltar airport

Flights to Gibraltar

There is a limited choice of flights to Gibraltar with easyJet currently fly to London Gatwick with seven weekly flights and Liverpool three times a week from March 2011. Monarch currently operates seven flights weekly to London Luton and three flights weekly to Manchester Airport but operates five in the summer season. British Airways also flies seven times weekly into Gibraltar from London Heathrow.

girona airport

Flights to Girona

In total there are around 19 different UK airports offering flights to Girona and we provide information on the main routes to Girona.

granada airport

Flights to Granada

Ryanair offer regular, scheduled flights from the UK to Granada. We provide details of the routes that are currently on offer. Flying to Granada is a great alternative to flying to Malaga if you are heading for the eastern end of the Costa del Sol.

gran canaria airport

Flights to Gran Canaria

There are 19 different UK Airports in England, Scotland and Wales that operate flights to Gran Canaria.

There are also a number of inter island flights which operate from Las Palmas Airport to El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife North and South Airports via the domestic airlines Islas Airways and Binter Canarias

ibiza airport

Flights to Ibiza

The various flights to Ibiza on offer are only on offer over the busy summer period. We have focused on the main 22 UK Airports which offer flights to Ibiza, with each of them offering at least two flights per week to Ibiza over the high season. Ibiza is of course a popular holiday destination for nightclub lovers but it is also a beautiful island with some great beaches and wonderful countryside.

jerez airport

Flights to Jerez

Flights to Jerez are increasing with Monarch flying from Manchester to Jerez with along with Ryanair operating daily from Stansted. At the moment. Jerez is a small airport but great for arrivals and departures for holidays near Gibraltar, Estepona, Costa de la Luz and part of the Costa del Sol. Jerez to Marbella is just a 90min drive. Jerez is also a great City to visit for a weekend and is the home of sherry.

coruna airport

Flights to La Coruna Airport

Iberia, Clickair and Spanair offer a selection of Internal and International flights from La Coruna. You can fly from here direct to: Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Tenerife, Lisbon and London.

Clickair operate from London Heathrow into La Coruna with a direct flight every weekday and on Saturday and Sunday at weekends.

la palma airport

Flights to La Palma

The best bet for domestic flights to La Palma is Binter Airways a Canary island based company, or Iberia who are Spain's national airline.

There are also a good number of charter flights on offer from Germany, the UK, Holland and Belgium .

lanzarote airport

Flights to Lanzarote

Flights to Lanzarote are available from around 19 Airports in the UK. Some of them only offer one flight per week others many more. The Airports with the best choice of flights to Lanzarote are Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester and Newcastle. During our research we found that the charter airline Thomsonfly offered the best selection of flights from the largest amount of airports. The scheduled airlines that offer Lanzarote flights are British Airways, Easyjet, AerLingus, Jet2, Flyglobespan and Monarch.

madrid airport

Flights to Madrid

Flights to Madrid are on offer from a total of 15 Airports in the UK and Ireland. The flight times are fairly short at around 2¼ hours and throughout the year Spain is always one hour ahead of the UK. British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2 and AerLingus offer the most flights, and unlike many other Spanish destinations there are not any charter flights to Madrid.

malaga airport

Flights to Malaga

The use of these other airports has done little to stifle demand for flights into Malaga and each year the Airport seems to exceed record passenger numbers. This is due in part to the large number of expats who have made the Costa del Sol their home and a huge rise in the number of holiday home owners.

Flights to Malaga are available from 28 different UK Airports. There are also four different routes from Ireland to Malaga and three routes from Scotland to Malaga.

melilla airport

Flights to Melilla

Flights to Melilla are available from Aerotaxis del Mediterraneo and Iberia/Air Nostrum airlines which operate from a number of Spanish Airports.

We have provided details and information on all flights to Melilla Airport

menorca airport

Flights to Menorca

Just over 50% of all flights to Menorca are charter flights and the airport deals with 90% off all flights and passengers over the busy summer months. Easyjet, Jet2 and Monarch Scheduled offer regular, scheduled flights from the UK to Menorca Airport.

murcia airport

Flights to Murcia

Flights to Murcia are available from sixteen different airports in the UK and through seven different, UK based low cost airlines. The flying times for all flights to Murcia Airport from the UK is around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

palma de majorca airport

Flights to Palma

Flights to Palma de Mallorca are on offer through a number of UK Airports. Within this flight section we provide information on the main 26 airports offering Palma flights. We have choosen these as they offer regular, scheduled flights from a selection of airlines that fly to Palma.

pamplona airport

Flights to Pamplona

Flights to Pamplona are available via Iberia and Air Nostrum Airlines from Barcelona to Pamplona and Madrid to Pamplona.

reus airport

Flights to Reus

Flights to Reus are on offer through a number of airlines and from a number of different destinations across Europe.

Air Berlin offer a good way of getting to Reus as they fly from a huge number of European Airports into Palma Airport where you can then change on to regular flights between Reus and Palma.

san sebastian airport

Flights to San Sebastian

Flights to San Sebastian are available via Iberia and Air Nostrum Airlines from Barcelona to San Sebastian and Madrid to San Sebastian

santander airport

Flights to Santander

Ryanair are the only low cost airline that currently offer direct flights to Santander. They offer flights from London Stansted and now Dublin, Frankfurt, Milan and Rome as well as Reus and Madrid in Spain.

We have provided information on flights from Dublin to Santander and Stansted to Santander .

santiago de compostela airport

Flights to Santiago de Compostela

Many of the flights that arrive at the airport are from internal Spanish flights. Iberia and Spanair offer the best selection of flights and you can fly to and from Santiago De Compostela from: Frankfurt, Paris and Rome and Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Seville, Tenerife (north and South) and Valencia.

seville airport

Flights to Seville

Most of the passenger traffic at Seville Airport arrives on Internal Spanish flights. You can fly from Seville to the following Spanish Cities:

A Coruna, Alicante, Asturias, Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, Madrid, Malaga, Melilla, Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastian, Santander, Santiago de la Compostela, Tenerife North and South, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

tenerife north airport

Flights to Tenerife North

Around 50% of all flights to and from Tenerife North are Inter Island flights between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Gomera, as well as internal domestic flights to Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Santiago de la Compostela, Seville and Valencia.

tenerife south airport

Flights to Tenerife South

Flights to Tenerife South are available from 24 different UK Airports. Tenerife is also a destination that receives a huge number of charter flights over the high season which runs from October to March.

valencia airport

Flights to Valencia

Flights to Valencia are being offered from more and more airlines and the passenger numbers at the airport have saored in recent years. If you are heading to the northern Costa Blanca then Valencia is the best airport to head for. We provide details on flights from 12 UK Airports that offer regular, scheduled flights to Valencia.

valladolid airport

Flights to Valladolid

Ryanair offer flights to Valladolid from London Stansted, Milan and Brussels. It is also possible to fly into Valladolid from Barcelona, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Valencia with Iberia and from Paris with Air France. We have supplied details on fights from London Stansted to Valladolid

vigo airport

Flights to Vigo

At the moment there are not any direct flights from the UK to Vigo. If you are heading here from anywhere other than Spain it is a pretty safe bet that you will have to change planes at Madrid. There are plenty of internal flights on offer through Iberia and Spanair and you can fly direct to Vigo from Paris and from Barcelona, Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Paris, Tenerife South and Valencia.

vitoria airport

Flights to Vitoria

Iberia offer flights between Vitoria to Barcelona and Madrid and , Ryanair also have service between Stansted and Vitoria and Dublin to Vitoria.

zaragoza airport

Flights to Zaragoza

Ryanair offer flights to Zaragoza from London Stansted, Alicante, Rome and Milan. It is also possible to fly into Zaragoza from Frankfurt, Lanzarote, Lisbon, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Paris, Rome, Seville and Tenerife with Iberia. If you are unable to get the Ryanair flight from Stansted then our advice is to get a cheap flight to Madrid and a connecting flight through Iberia Airlines to Zaragoza.

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