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The image below shows what the weather is like in Valladolida today. For more detailed information and a forecast for the next 5 or 10 days click on the icon.

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Valladolid is located almost 200km from mainland Spain's northern coast Spain about 720 metres above sea level on the central plateau. Because of its position the winters here can be very cold.

Surrounded by mountains, it is a place of extreme temperatures reaching 0º C in winter and 38º during the summer. Rainfall on the central flat lands varies between 600mm and 400mm and is higher in the mountain area forming snow in the winter. There is very little rain during July and August with October being the wettest month.

The area surrounding Valladolid is sparsely populated with a variable climate with the cold northern mountains and warm south-east.

Because El Vierzo is protected from north winds by the mountains it is one of the mildest and most humid regions where grapevines, olives and many different fruits are cultivated.

If you are planing on visit this region between October and March make sure you being some warm clothes and wet weather gear. Although the days can be relatively warm, it gets cold when the sun goes down and the lack of central heating and stone floors in the accommodation can also make it feel quite damp.


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