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The warm Mediterranean climate in Seville offers an average summer temperature of around 35ºC with the average annual sunshine around 3,000 hours.

Seville is a great place to visit all year round, but April and May are probably the best months when the climate is warm - but not too hot - and most of the popular festivities including Holy Week and the Feria de Sevilla are celebrated.

Because it is away from the coast, there is very little breeze during July and August when the weather is at its hottest, but the warm climate lends itself perfectly to dining al fresco for most of the year and there are a huge number of cafés and bars where you can sit outside for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The one thing to avoid during those months is walking around sightseeing under the hot sun as obviously the old buildings are not air conditioned and you can get very hot and uncomfortable.

A good tip is no matter what time of the year you are visiting Seville remember to take some slippers or flip flops to wear. During the winter months the cold stone or marble floors which are prevalent in apartments, villas and hotels are very cold for bare feet and during the summer when you are showering or have just come in from the pool they can be dangerously slippery.


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