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Reus is located on the coast in the province of Tarragona which is just west of Barcelona in the north east of Spain. The main features of the area is its beautiful unspoilt beaches, calm and clear blue sea and inland scenery is full of vineyards, hazel, almond, carob and olive groves which look beatiful under the bright sunshine.

It is cooler and wetter than southern Spain which means that the countryside looks much greener and fresher.

In the hot summer (July and August) the temperature in Reus ranges from 25º to 28ºC, but the sea breezes blowing onshore make it feel cooler. The winters are quite mild and there is not too much rain during the cooler months being outweighed by the bright sunny days which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

If you are planning on hiring a car to explore the area make sure that you book one with air conditioning if you are visiting during the warmer months.

If you visiting Reus during the winter months then expect an average daytime temperature of around 12ºC with the night providing a little chill with fresh breezes coming off the sea.

In the summer the winds there are winds which stop you feeling too sticky and get rid of any early morning mist or fog which is also burnt off by the sun.


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