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As you can see from the list below, you are pretty limited for places to get something to eat and drink at Reus Airport.

There are two Medas Cafeterias - one in arrivals and the other in the departures lounge. The cafe in the boarding area is closed for the winter season but also has a shop area with a wide selection of products. Medas in arrivals is a good place to meet up with someone if they are collecting you. It is open from 05:00-22:00 and serves Mediterranean food plus it has small a shopping area were you an buy some of its products.

The Bier Garten is located in the boarding terminal and exclusively for passengers. it is open from 05:00-23:00 and specialises in German fast food and drink, especially from southern Bavaria.

The Food Gallery is in the airport check-in lobby and offers a wide range from American food to salads and sandwiches. It is probably the cheapest place to get something to eat and drink at the airport, but it still more expensive than a normal supermarket or sandwich bar (bottled water, fizzy drinks and sandwiches costing about 50% more). But it does serve sandwiches with a wider range of fillings than you will be offered on the plane so you might like to buy something here to take on board. It is self service so you can get something quickly and is open from 05:00-23:00.


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Places to Eat

Outlet Food Served Location
Medas Cafetería x 2 Wide range of snacks and drinks Arrivals public area and departures passenger only zone
Food Gallery Self-service cafeteria and restaurant Departures public area
Bier Garten Beers, hot dishes and baguettes Passenger Only Zone
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