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You can see what the weather is like in Murcia today by clicking on the image below and also obtain a detailed forecast for the next 5 or 10 days.

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What's the Murcia Weather really like

Very mild winters and warm summers. You can expect more than 300 days of blue skies with the Murcia Weather being described by the World Health Organisation as one of the best in the world.

The summer weather in Murcia is usually very hot with little to no rainfall. Summer temperatures typical range between 25-35ºC degrees during the day and rarely drop below 15ºC.

During the hottest months of July and August the weather is almost unbearably hot with some days reaching 40ºC+

November tends to be the wettest month with very little winter rain. The exception is when the "Gota Fria" hits with torrential rain, falling temperatures and sometimes flooding.

Clothes that you should pack.

If you are visiting the area between October and May although the days will probably feel quite warm you need to bring a wrap or coat for going out at night. And bring some thick socks or warm slippers if you are visiting during the winter months as it is very cold walking on the marble or stone floors if there are no rugs.


Sunbathing is possible all year round but between November and May you can get quite cold winds and a few cold cloudy days. However if its sunny, its warm enough, you could even find yourself sunbathing over Christmas and the New Year. You can sunbathe most days from May to October.


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