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You can find out what the weather is like in Melilla today by clicking on the image below which also offers a 5 and 10 day forecast.

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Melilla is located in Morocco on the north coast of Africa facing the Mediterranean Sea and Spain. It is on a large cape which reaches out about 20km from the coast with an area of about 10 sqkm. It has a largely flat coast with over 2km of good sandy beaches, but inland it becomes more hilly.

Although it is not technically in Spain Melilla comes under the administration of Malaga Province as it was established by the Phoenicians and eventually conquered by Spain in 1497.

The climate in Melilla is similar to Spain's Costa del Sol being warm all year round and hot and humid in July and August. There is a wind which comes off the Sahara but not surprisingly this tends to be very hot and dry. Average annual temperatures are 13ºC in winter and 34ºC in summer.

The city’s landscape is hot and dry, with a very mild and temperate climate for much of the year. There are a couple of good beaches where you can swim and sunbathe during the summer months.


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