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There are no duty free outlets here with just the Tiendo del Aeropuerto bazaar like shop in the public check in area selling local foodstuffs, newspapers and magazines to read on the plane, clothes, footwear and Moroccan souvenirs including pottery, spices, etc.

The Cafetería del Aeropuerto cafe/snack bar is also located here (there is no formal departures lounge) so if you want to get something to eat and drink do it before you go through security.

Because it is such a small airport with very limited facilities passengers are advised to check in their baggage and get their boarding card and then wait in the general lobby until their flight is announced.

You get to three boarding gates via the security filter/passport control and walk to the plane. If you have mobility problems and need assistance in getting around then make sure you notify your airline well in advance of your flight so that they can arrange for a wheelchair to be available.

If you are returning a hire car make sure you check what the deal is: ie do you have return it with a full tank of petrol? If this is the case try and fill the car at a garage close to the airport and not on the one on the approach road as the prices are higher here.


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