Car Hire at Melilla Airport

Car hire

Car Hire

Rent A Car Melilla is the only car hire company at the airport

To make sure that you get the make and model of hire car that you require it is advisable that you pre-book your rent a car before you arrive at Melilla Airport. This also saves time completing paperwork when you land and booking in advance often secures the best deal.

Driving Tips

It is advisable to hire a car from Melilla Airport as there is no public transport at the airport and because car hire rates are so competitive it will save on transfer costs.

Because of its location Melilla is a great place to stay if you want to explore southern Spain and also get into Morocco. If you are planning on taking you car on the ferry crossing the border you must take your passport, driving licence, green card and international insurance policy for the rent a car.

I think the best option is to get the ferry and leave your car on the Spanish side as some car hire companies will not allow their vehicle to be taken out of Spain and if they do the cost of insurance to take the car into Africa is quite prohibitive.

It would be better to hire another car for your stay in Morocco as cars with Spanish plates are targets for vandalism boosting the profits of unscrupulous local garages. Moroccan plates make you less conspicuous.

The terrain in Melilla offers some spectacular mountain scenery as well as Mediterranean beaches. If you are there during the fiesta season you need a car to get to the events scattered around in most towns and cities. You can witness carpets of flowers in the Cordoba streets, films on the beach, sardine burial and the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Driving in Melilla is pretty straightforward and similar to the driving conditions you are used to in the UK but with Spanish laws and regulations.

It can also be the cheapest option when compared to the cost of taxis, trains and buses, especially if there are a number of you travelling. You can also hire a vehicle with air conditioning which certainly makes travelling more comfortable during the hot summer months


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Rent a Car Melilla

Rent a Car Melilla

Calle Pablo Vallesca, 13 – L-22

Telephone: +34 639 196 660/+34 952 695 610

Fax:+34 952 686122

Website: www.todocoches.com

Opening hours: Winter Hours are 8am to 6.30pm and Summer Hours are 7.45am to 8.30pm

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