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The Ibiza Weather is milder than the Costa del Sol but still has a Mediterranean climate so the best months for visiting the island are May, June and September. These months are comfotrably warm and not too hot.

If you are visiting any time from October bring a jumper or jacket for the nights as it can get a little chilly, while from November to April definitely bring a coat as well.

The other thing to bring in the winter months is slippers as the beautiful marble or tiled floors can turn your feet into blocks of ice!

Ibiza has approximately 300 days of sun a year with humidity fluctuating around 70% during the summer months. Fortunately because of Ibiza´s small proportions, there is a constant breeze coming off of the seas which helps to keep the temperatures bearable.

Rainfall is at its highest between October and December although it rarely falls for more than 3 days at a time.


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Average Temperatures

  Maximum ºC Minimum ºC
January 10°
February 14°
March 16°
April 17>°
May 20° 12°
June 24° 16°
July 27° 19°
August 28° 19°
September 26° 17°
October 21° 12°
November 17°
December 14°
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