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Ibiza Airport parking is located directly opposite (a three minute walk) the Terminal Building and is relatively inexpensive. The car parking is not divided into long and short term areas and is used by all passengers regardless of the length of their staty.

The car park is small with under 500 spaces (twelve for passengers with mobility problems) and although this is only a small airport with a limited number of the flights the Ibiza Airport car parking can become very crowded during the summer seas.

If you are picking up or dropping off someone there are a couple of free spaces in front of the terminal building but they can only be used for 15 minutes and your vehicle cannot be left unattended or it will quickly be towed away.

The Spanish Airports system for charging for car parking is done by the minute and the hour and is very diffiult to calculate. The best guide is that the maximum daily rate up to 4 days is €14,50 reducing on the 5th day and onwards €11,50.

You get a ticket by pressing the button to raise the barrier when you enter the car park. Don't lose this (there is a charge) as you need to insert into one of the payment machines when you are ready to leave (you have a limited time to exit once you have paid). The machines accept major credit cards or cash and provide change if needed.


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