Car Hire at Asturias Airport

Car hire

Car Hire

If you are thinking of renting a car to get to your onward destination then it is best to book in advance as this often means that you will get a better deal and you can also be sure of getting the make and model of vehicle that best suits your needs.

It is a good idea to hire a car in this area as you will be very restrained on where you can get to without one as the public transport is very limited. There are also a number of small villages and towns that you can stop off at on the way to your destination with some fantastic views while you drive. If you rely on the bus system you will obviously only be able to get to the popular resorts with no stops for photographic opportunities!

This area has some very lush green valleys as it receives more rain than most parts of the Spanish mainland. It also has a very unspoiled and rugged coastline full of deserted coves which you can swim from but need a car to get to.

You need not feel nervous about driving in Asturias as the motorways in northern Spain are much less busy than in the south. A lot of them are also quite new and it is only when you get into the Basque country that most of the tolls appear. Some of the mountain roads can be a bit hairy but if you take your time and keep at a reasonable speed they are easy to navigate.

Some of the signposting in Spain is not always as accurate as it could be (motorways are OK) so if you are planning on doing some touring around make sure you get a good get of maps with all the roads clearly marked. It is also important that you check the quality of the roads you will be travelling on as some of the more remote mounting roads are only accessible if you are driving a 4 x 4.    


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Car Hire Firms

When you get to the ground floor arrivals hall you will see the desks of the four major companies. The names and contact details of these firms are listed below:

Avis car hire at Asturias Airport

Avis Car Hire
Aeropuerto De Asturias,
Ranon Oviedo,
Oviedo Asturias, 33459

Tel: +34 98-5562111


Europcar car hire at Asturias Airport

33459 Ranon-Castrillon

Telephone:  +34 98 55193331
Fax:               +34 98 5519325


Hertz Rent a Car at Asturias Airport

Hertz Car Hire
Carretera del Aeropuerto de Asturias, 88. Ranon Oviedo

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 08:00-21:30, Saturday 09:30-17:30, Sunday 10:30-2:100

Tel.   +34 98 5548017 
Fax:   +34 98 5519753


Enterprise Car Hire at Asturias Airport

Atesa Car Hire
Asturias Aeropuerto
33400 – Aviles, Asturias

Tel: +34 98-5551217
Fax: +34 98-5519843


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